Nicole Herbert

How can art encourage different ways of looking at things that we take for granted? What strategies can be used to call attention to overlooked aspects of everyday contexts and objects?

In the process of engaging with the everyday, I explore how meaning is assigned to ordinary objects and contexts. Within these investigations, I use a strategy of translating everyday objects and aspects of selected spaces into different materials. Elements of these environments are then punctuated by juxtaposing these variations with the originals. Rather than focusing attention on an isolated art object, this practice situates the status of the art as contingent upon the surrounding space and dependent upon the relationship that the material permutations have with each other and the original.

My aim is not only to suspend fleeting impressions of familiar objects and contexts, but to also explore how signification can shift when the same object is re-presented in a variety of media. In this regard, I seek to encourage active perceptions of the physical environment by challenging conventional ways of looking. This perceptual shift opens up the possibility for experiencing the world less reflexively and by implication questions the mechanisms that filter and mediate our experience.